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Aline LaPierre is the co-author of Healing Developmental Trauma, an essential guide for those seeking new tools for self-awareness and growth. This book introduces the NeuroAffective Relational Model, a new paradigm for understanding human development and the symptoms that result from developmental trauma. Now in its second printing, the book emphasizes working with a person’s strengths, capacities, and resiliency to regulate the nervous system and promote connection to self and others. 

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As the creator of NeuroAffective Touch™, Aline LaPierre brings a crucial new dimension to the therapeutic dialogue, a valuable tool that speaks the language of the body, yet invites the mind as an active partner.

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ARABELLA: You have studied such a breadth of somatic psychology techniques, approaches or perspectives—Reichian, neuroscientific approaches, acupressure, deep tissue bodywork, movement, etc...How have you integrated them, and how would you characterize the personal approach to therapy that has evolved for you through your layered exposure to these perspectives?

ALINE: That’s not a small question! I have a hundred things I could say on this. I’ll start with how I came into this work: the first training I ever took on the body was Reichian, over 25 years ago.
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